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NSW Towns Water Supply Contaminated

NSW Health documents obtained by the ABC reveal areas where deadly pathogens are regularly detected at dangerous levels in unfiltered drinking water pumped from rivers, lakes and dams.

The water safety reports, obtained after a lengthy freedom-of-information battle, also show more than 100,000 NSW residents were issued protective boil-water alerts in the last five years.

GraftonKempseySconeJindabyne and Merimbula are cited as the five worst-performing areas, with repeated “contamination incidents” triggering “potential health risks”.

Around Grafton, a population of 40,000 are at risk from cryptosporidium, a parasite that causes gastrointestinal illness.

Residents have faced 10 boil-water alerts since 2006, issued “in response to the inability of the water supply system to manage risks”.

The documents say faecal contamination from cattle, and even swimmers along the lower Clarence River catchment, is the parasite’s source

Similar problems plague the Bemboka River catchment, near Merimbula, with four boil-water alerts issued by Bega Valley Council in 10 years.

Deadly bugs originate in “onsite sewerage system discharges”, “failures and presence of septic systems” and from dairy farms upstream.

The documents say “chlorine-resistant pathogens” — not killed by chemical treatments — are a threat to more than 40,000 people. (more…)

Water Backed Up In Queensland – Farmers Label Murray-Darling Basin Plan a Failure

Farmers on Queensland’s McIntyre River say the Federal Government’s $13 billion Murray-Darling Basin plan has failed as it allows cotton irrigators to replace water sold back to the Commonwealth with extra floodwaters caught off the plains.

Key points:

  • Murray-Darling Basin plan allows irrigators to catch floodwaters off the plains
  • Farmers claim millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted, with no water savings achieved
  • Water being “backed up in Queensland”, according to farmer Clay Maher

The farmers claim millions of taxpayer dollars invested in local water efficiency projects have been wasted, with no actual water savings achieved.

“The water is backed up in Queensland and it’s not getting into NSW,” according to farmer Clay Maher.

“It should end up at the end of the Murray Darling.”

His neighbour Chris Lamey said extra floodwaters were allowed to be caught by irrigators, which subverts the intent of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. (more…)

Facts & Tips Regarding Water Conservation

Learn How To Reduce Your Water Usage


Water conservation is something we all should practice. Except for the air we breathe, water is the single most important element in our lives. It’s too precious to waste. Here are some useful facts and simple suggestions that will help you understand more about water. They’ll help you save hundreds, even thousands, of gallons per month without any great inconvenience.  Conserving water is something that we all should be doing. We take water and water supply for granted when in all actuality supply is in high demand and of limited resource very little of the Earth’s natural water can actually be used for human consumption. Producing water is costly and uses those limited supplies of water available. By conserving water you can help supply more water while bringing a multitude of benefits your way. (more…)

New Fence Causes Heartache

It just goes to show that when it comes to your fencing, a little planning goes a long way!

A couple has arrived at their new rental home to find a fence built around the front of the property blocking off vehicle access to their garage.

New Zealand couple Beck Cole and Deo Bohn got quite the surprise when they arrived at their new Queenstown home earlier this year, to find a ‘bizarre’ wooden fence that hadn’t been there when they inspected the property. (more…)